Ingrid Widjaja

I was baptised a Catholic when I was 14 years old. But I never made an effort to get to know God, seldom went to church, hardly prayed, and never read the Bible.

Eight months ago, my husband passed away while exercising. I could not accept his passing, and cried every day.

One morning, while crying during Mass at Church of St Bernadette, I heard a gentle and loving voice in my ear: “Don’t cry my beloved; your husband is already in my arms. I will take good care of him and make him happy in my Kingdom.” I was shocked. I looked at the crucifix, and saw Jesus smiling at me.

Since then, I’ve felt a tremendous sense of peace and happiness. I surrendered my life to Him, started reading the Bible, attending mass almost daily, and praying morning and night to thank God for this miracle. From then on, my home and work life has been smooth-going.

I saw the vision of Jesus a second time at the Retreat. During the healing service, I asked God to take away all my emotional baggage, the grudges I still bore against my husband, parents, siblings and others. I confessed my sins wholeheartedly, surrendered myself to God, and asked Him to be my only guide. After Fr. William prayed over me, I saw Jesus, smiling at me. Later, I had a feeling of light-heartedness; this was the first time since my husband passed on that I experienced such peace.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my dear Lord for transforming me into a new person. I will treasure my life and I pray for Him to continue blessing me so that I can share His love and Good News with others. I thank him, too, for giving me His Holy Spirit to be my guide in whatever I do.

I am now certain that I can lead my life in peace, joy and love for other people. I will always trust, love and fear my dear Lord.

Ingrid Widjaja, CER-30.