33 Days to Morning Glory Weekly Reflection Questions & Revival Friday Talks

Revival Friday Talks

Intro & Orientation
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
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Intro & Orientation

Personal Response

My two most important reasons for making this retreat at this time are the following:

1. Personal

2. Spiritual

Introduction and Orientation

[Read “Introduction” in 33 Days to Morning Glory, pp. 15-27, and then prayerfully answer the following questions.]

1. Recall a special need in your life that you entrusted to the intercession of Mary or a favorite saint. (This is often known as a “special intention.”) Maybe you prayed a novena1 for it. Maybe the intention moved you to ask for help, for a blessing, or for an answer. What prayer or novena did you pray? What did you hope for? Was it for an answer? Were you answered in a way that surprised you? Consoled you? Was there a new insight from that prayer? ______________________________________________________________________________

2. Life is lived so fast in this third millennium. Do you have concerns about putting 33 days into your already-full calendar for consecration preparation? What kind of practical help do you need to see that this really is possible and realistic? Where might you turn to get this help? Will someone else be able to help you find time — for example, through carpooling or help with shopping? Or is it simply a matter of you scheduling your time and priorities more efficiently? ___________________________________________________________

3. Read Luke 2:19, 51. Like Mary, have you ever pondered something that happened to you or to someone else? What was it? Did you ask yourself why it happened to you? What came of that heart pondering? Was it a positive experience __________________________

4. This preparation for consecration is similar to Mary’s heart pondering. There are no additional hours you need to set aside for pondering, because pondering can be done throughout the day. The readings simply fill and prepare your heart because of your prayerful reading of them. What time of day will you set aside for this reading? You can break it up into several sessions of reading each day if you need to. Select several “moments” when you will have the book beside you, and write them down here: _____________________________________________


How the Retreat Works:

1. Read = Read the brief section for each day.

2. Ponder = Ponder and reflect on the day’s reading with the aid of the Retreat Companion.

3. Meet = Meet to discuss what you’ve pondered all week.

Introduction to Marian Consecration

A. The Goal ______________________________________________________________________________

B. Three Big Ideas Summarized ________________________________________________________________

C. Three Stages ___________________________________________________________________________

D. Summary of Marian Consecration _____________________________________________________________

Week 1

Day 1:

The Passionate Saint of Britany: We need a truly human personality to give to Mary in consecration so that she can transform it in Her Immaculate Heart. We read on the first day that St. Louis was a passionate man with a fiery temper but through Our Lady that same passion was re-directed to serve God.

Question: Looking at my family history and growing up years what are the obstacles or wounds I have sustained that I want to place in Mary’s hands as I begin this 33 day retreat.

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Help me make this retreat with a generous giving over of myself and all my wounds, into the hands of your perfect spouse!

Day 2:

St. Louis’s Influence in the Church: We need to be detached from our will and attached to the will of God. What is your reaction to the story of the project of St. Louis that was destroyed and his response: `Let us build it in our hearts. Blessed be God.`

Question: Are you able to bless God in moments of disappointment, when things fail or even God seems `indifferent` to our suffering? What is the first thing I need to become detached from so that Mary can unite me to Her Son Jesus? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Prepare me to give myself fully to living out this consecration to Mary.

Day 3:

Placing Renewal of Baptism Vows in Mary’s hands: We all renew our baptism vows every Easter. Yet we find ourselves very poor in rejecting Satan and his pomps. Placing this renewal in the hands of Mary means that now Satan has to contend with the Blessed Virgin. Satan’s pride suffers infinitely more from the holy humility of Mary than the magnificient power of God. Hence this act of placing them in the hands of Mary goes a long way in helping us overcome our sins!

Question: What is my relationship to Mary? Do you believe that Mary has been bestowed this kind of power over Satan, from God? Are you prepared to hand place your baptismal vows in her hands and see what happens? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Give me the grace to reject Satan definitively with the powerful help of Mary in this consecration.

Day 4:

Why should we give ourselves to Mary?: Because Mary is human like us and has a deep compassion for our suffering. We have someone who feels with us. We also imitate Jesus who gave Himself to her through His Incarnation! We give Mary our – body, soul, exterior goods and our interior and spiritual graces to do with as Mary wants.

Question: In order to make us safe, secure, forgiven, blessed, and graced by her Son Jesus, what might she decide for us? Are you anxious about letting her make decisions in certain areas of your life? Talk to Mary now about those decisions, your fears and the grace you need, to let it happen according to God’s will. 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Help me desire an intimate communion with Mary, my compassionate and all powerful Mother.

Day 5:

Growing to trust Mary: One of the benefits of giving everything to Mary is that she perfects our gifts and makes them even more acceptable to God. Recall the story of the peasant before the King. She sends the most generous graces of perseverance and humility that help us more perfectly follow Jesus.

Question: Which of your gifts of self-offering to God, your sacrifices that you would like Mary to perfect even more? What would you ask of Mary to perfect it? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Help me to be open to having my gift perfected in this consecration – however Mary may choose to do it for me!

Day 6:

We rely on Mary, not ourselves: Mary is not outdone in her generosity towards those who place their trust in her. Those who are afraid to have Mary dispose of all their self-offering are actually full of self-love. We should aim high, we want to please God, like Mary did and not seek to protect our own self-interests.

Question: As we come to the end of this week, what material or spiritual goods are you still holding on to that you need to offer Mary, so that the consecration can be truly effective in your life? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Help me be free from self-centeredness in the extreme and the reign of fear. O Jesus! & Mary! I give myself entirely to you!

Day 7:

A quick, easy, secure way to holiness: St.Louis describes making two methods of making a statue. Through sculpting stone or pouring it in a mold, the former is an arduous process that can lead to fatal mistakes and the latter is quick, easy and secure. The spiritual life is usually described as as a great and life-long battle. And yet through consecration you pour yourself into the womb of Mary, the mold. She will form you but it will require your complete surrender and `Yes`.

Question: Which way are you used to understanding your spiritual life? Do you put in alot of efforts and yield little results? Why do sins persist after repeated efforts on your part? Has this become the accepted norm of the spiritual life for you? Do you want a change of method? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Grant me the grace to rely more on the merits of Mary and less on my own through this consecration.

Week One Prayer of Thanksgiving: Compose your own prayer of thanksgiving, by listing all the graces you have asked for and all the insights and truth you have gained. And then conclude with a Hail Mary, asking Mary’s help to move forward to week Two.

Week 2

Day 8:

Who are you, St Maximilian Kolbe?: Raymond Kobe was asked by his mother, “Raymond, what will become of you?” Turning to the Blessed Mother, a shaken Raymond Kolbe asked the Mother of God, “What will become of me?” He then had his vision of her offering him 2 crowns.

Question: Who am I really when I say I am a Christian? Mary today offers me the same two crowns she offered Maximillian Kolbe. We reject our crosses out of fear. Without our lady we cannot see them as crowns of glory. Through the cross we learn to conquer ourselves through Mary to Jesus What is the suffering I have in my life right now that I need to return to place under the care of Mary? 

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Make me sure in body and spirit and help me to die to myself.

Day 9 & 10: Who are you, O Immaculate Conception?(1): At Lourdes, Mary said to St Bernadette, I am the Immaculate Conception. St Kolbe understood this to be that the Holy Spirit was speaking through Mary claiming His title as the Uncreated Immaculate Conception, while Mary His spouse is the created Immaculate Conception. Such is the intimate relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit! Where Mary is there the Holy Spirit rushes.

Question: Seeing how intimate the Holy Spirit is in the life of Mary does it move me to become more intimate with Mary? What is my relationship to Mary: formal or informal, devotee seeking favours or disciple seeking to do Holy Spirit’s prompting through Mary?

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit living in Mary. Unveil for me the meaning of the Immaculate Conception.

Day 11:

The Immaculate always does God’s will, perfectly: The natural law is written on our hearts, that’s why St Augustine famously said, our hearts are restless until they rest in you Lord. As created beings we are naturally ordered to return to our source, our creator. Unfortunately our fallen nature doesn’t allow us to follow God’s will perfectly. This is why in Mary our spirit can become docile.

Question: Am I prepared to unite my will with Mary’s? Do I see her as my Mother who will do all things for me? Am I still afraid thinking Mary will make me suffer too much? 

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Renew the face of the earth, so that all creation may return to God.

Day 12:

Who are you, O Holy Saints of God?: W + w = S; Gods Will + our will = Sanctity. When Mary said “let it be done unto me according to your word” she never deviated from that word of God. St Kolbe before being ordained, listed as one of his goals “ I wish to be a saint and a great saint” and he knew the Immaculate would help him.

Question: Do you want to become a Saint in Mary’s army, a knight of the Immaculata? Do you want to live for a purpose in life that is all loving, powerful and filled with grace? Do you want to join Mary in witnessing to Jesus as the Saviour of the world!

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Unite my will to the will of the Immaculata, which is one with your will.

Day 13:

To Be an Instrument – Rather, to be Instruments: If someone could be possessed by the evil, St Kolbe wanted to be possessed, to be used for good, by the Immaculata. And for the purpose of converting the entire world, he wanted to build a “Militia Immaculata”; The Knights of the Immaculata. So he reasons that instead of only becoming a Saint himself, why not raise an army of Saints, to perfectly do Gods will, by loving her, relying on her intercession, experiencing her care, speaking to her from our heart, being led by her, having recourse to her and trusting completely in her.

Question: Do you wish to enrol in the army of Mary?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Prepare me to be a fit instrument in the hands of the Immaculata

Day 14:

Kolbe’s Prayer of Consecration: Invocation of the Immaculata, Plea to be received as her property, Plea to be used to gain souls. St Kolbe’s prayer of consecration if taken seriously is a call to mission.  We are asking to be used as weapons in the hands of Mary to crush satans head.

Motto of the Militia Immaculata: “To lead all men and every individual through Mary to the most  Sacred Heart of Jesus”

Question: Do you desire to enter spiritual warfare?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Prepare me to give all to the Immaculata for the sake of the kingdom.

Week 3

Day 15: 

Lover of the Heart of Jesus: From her childhood, the Heart of Jesus was Mother Teresa’s first love. She entered her religious life at 18. After many joyful years of service, she received her “Call within a call” as the Lord called her to found a new order and gave her a taste of his burning thirst for love and for souls. She had no hesitation to satiate the thirst of Jesus Christ. But this is when Mother Teresa began to experience her terrible darkness. She considered it a share in the suffering of Our Lord.

Question: Will you say `Yes` to Jesus tonight through Mary?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to find the love of the Heart of Jesus hidden in the darkness.

Day 16: 

The gift God gave September 10th: `I thirst` is not from the past, but alive and spoken to us everyday. Do we hear the Lord speaking to us everyday? Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poor! Mary’s role is to bring you face to face with Jesus as she did John and Mary Magdalene … now she wants to do the same for you!

Question: How do you approach the thirst of Jesus? Who is seeking your love now but you don’t see it?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to listen to Jesus’ thirst.

Day 17: 

The Visions of 1947: “I have asked you. They have asked you, and she, My Mother, has asked you. Will you refuse to do this for Me – to take care of them, the bring them to Me”? Mother Mary was in all of St Theresa’s visions, helping her to see Our Lords heart and the needs of the people. Our Lady’s role is to bring you face to face…with the love in the Heart of Jesus crucified.

Question: When you face your crosses where is Mother Mary? Do you bring her into your situations? She can help you. Try today, and everyday to deliberately welcome her to face your crosses with you. 

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Bring me face to face with the love in the Heart of Jesus crucified.

Day 18: 

The Immaculate Heart of Mary: “Lend me your heart” – Mother, give us the love of your heart, help me to love with the perfect love of your Immaculate Heart. If we want to love Jesus like Mother Teresa, with the heart of Mary, we need the Holy Spirit, Mary will bring the Spirit for us, her spouse.

Question: Will you give Mary your heart?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Keep me in her most pure and Immaculate Heart.

Day 19: 

Heart-Pondering Prayer: Do you see Gods hand in your life and the graces you are already receiving? The Holy Spirit is going to multiply the graces we receive through Mary after consecration day. In the midst of the conditions Mother Teresa lived in, she was always joyful, always grateful. How? By always pondering in her heart all the good things and by making a daily examen in the presence of The Lord. We need to be able to recognize what God is doing in our lives.

Question: Will you put everything else aside, recognize Gods hand and count your blessings? 

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to recognize and ponder in my heart all the good you do for me.

Day 20: 

A Consecration Covenant: Consecration is serious. We are entering into a covenant, an exchange of self. And the obligations that come with it; Mary’s duties and our duties. When we give our word, our BESA, our “Word of honour”, how seriously do we view that. It should be, significantly more seriously, than a mere contract.

Question: Are you prepared to give your word to Mary? (BESA) Not a contract (exchange of goods) but a covenant (exchange of persons). How about your marriage, your work, your studies, your suffering?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to ardently make a Covenant of Consecration with Mary.

Day 21: 

Be The One(With Mary): I will be the one! Be the one to comfort, console and accompany Jesus; but through Mary! She was with Him every step of the way and she can teach us to understand how to console Jesus, and to console His body, our fellow pilgrims. Recognize the thirst of our brothers and sisters then we can begin to satiate this thirst.

Question: Our Lady helps us understand the thirst of Jesus. We can become surrendered, trusting & cheerful. Who needs to be loved by us today in such a manner?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to “be the one” to console Jesus with Mary.

Week 4

Day 22:

Mary’s Gift of Mercy: The Fatima message of repentance still holds true for us today. She promised that her Immaculate Heart will triumph. St John Paul the Great’s assassination attempt happened 64 years after the very first Fatima apparition, to the minute. The bullet was 1/10 of an inch away from hitting a major artery. He later said ” One hand fired, and another guided the bullet”. He continued to confront evil with merciful love. His pontificate was a remarkable one, guided by Mary’s hand and his lifelong consecration to her.

Question: Looking at ST. JP 2’s life, can we see that in the plan of God there are no coincidences? Even if we make mistakes God does not!

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Have mercy on us and on the whole world!

Day 23:

Maternal Mediation: Mary will assist us from heaven with her prayers and motherly care, to reach God. She stands between us and God like a bridge. We know Jesus is the 1 mediator, but he shares this role with Mary. Her obedience, faith, hope and charity makes her the perfect choice to fulfil this role.

Question: How can we share in the mediation of Christ through the `obedience, faith, hope and burning charitable love of Mary`? Through consecration.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Fill my heart with praise to God for giving me Mary as my spiritual mother.

Day 24:

Mary’s Retreat(Day 1): Mary’s FIAT at the annunciation, was God the Eternal Father entrusting Himself to Mary of Nazareth, says St John Paul the Great. Mary’s life took on the pondering nature of a retreat as scripture points  out, she was always pondering. Many of the things Jesus said that caused her to ponder deeply, also, prepared her during her life, for her role as Our Mother in the order of grace in her new life, with the Trinity. Let us do Gods will, as Mary did perfectly so we too can be called, brother and sister and mother of Our Lord.

Question:Who are my brothers and my mother? Where do you need to say `Yes` to Jesus.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to be faithful to heart-pondering prayer, as was Mary.

Day 25:

Mary’s Retreat(Day 2): At CANA Mary shows what she will do for us, for all eternity. She mediates and intercedes. Her other role is to be the spokeswoman of of her Son’s will, revealed when she tells the servants to “Do whatever he tells you”. By her actions the faith of the disciples were kindled. Mary also needs servants, to do the will of God, under her instruction.

Question:Are we ready to be her servants?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Remind me to ask for Mary’s powerful intercession in my times of need.

Day 26:

Mary’s Retreat(Day 3): At Calvary, Mary suffers with Christ. When Jesus says to the beloved disciple “Behold your Mother”, He gives Mary as a Mother to every single individual and all mankind. St John Paul tells us that “with maternal love she cooperates in the birth and development  of the sons and daughters of Mother Church.”

Question: Mary Suffers with Christ. What is your Calvary that you need to walk with Mary? To come to definitive maturity?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Thank you for the gift of my loving Mother, Mary.

Day 27:

Marian Entrustment (Part One): “And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home” (Jn 19:27). St John Paul calls this entrusting. John entrusted himself to Mary in response to Christ’s command from the cross. If we do the same, we invite her into our home and bring her into everything that makes up our inner life.

Question: What is my hidden life with Mary?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Prepare me to entrust myself completely to Mary so she can bring me closer to Christ.

Day 28:

Marian Entrustment (Part Two): Consecrating ourselves to Mary, essentially means to accept her help to offer ourselves to she who was most unite to Christ’s own consecration. We reflect on St John Pauls act of entrustment today and ask for the grace, from the dispenser of grace to entrust ourselves to her.

Question: What is exactly the area of my life that needs to be entrusted to the Blessed mother?

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Draw me in, with, and through Mary to the Fountain of Love and Mercy.