Winston Teo

I am currently serving as an Extraordinary Minister for Holy Communion at my parish and I also serve as a Warden at the CSC.

I attended CER 19. It was an ex-colleague who signed me up for the CER without telling me what it was except that I needed a retreat. He simply told me to put the dates down in my diary. I agreed without any objection. This was very uncharacteristic of me, but I found out why only after CER.

On the morning of the retreat, I woke up tired and confused. I did not sleep well the night before. As I sat in the auditorium, I felt lost and overwhelmed … I saw many musical instruments and then it suddenly dawned on me that this retreat could be a charismatic one! I was silently kicking myself for not finding out more before agreeing to come.

Anyway, I told myself that since I am already here; let’s just see what happens. To sum up my experience at CER, I was like one of the blind men sitting at the side of the road at Jericho. I had to be told that Jesus was here and I was silently saying “Lord! Have pity on me, Son of David!” and by the 3rd day morning of the retreat, I was shouting loudly, “Lord! Have pity on me, Son of David!” and just before my confession, Jesus asked me, “What do you want from me?” I answered, “Lord, I have been blind for a long time, please give me back my sight!”

During the healing session, Jesus appeared to me again and He asked me again, “What do you want from me?” I answered, “Lord, I surrender myself to you! Please restore my sight and take away my smoking addiction. I do not want to be a slave to sins anymore. Lord Jesus … please heal me so that I can follow You!” I remembered a sense of peace flowing through me as I rested in the Spirit.

Jesus took away my spiritual blindness and He told me to read the gospel of Matthew with my renewed vision. I flipped the pages towards Matthew, somehow I reached the last page and verses 19 to 20 stood out: “Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations; baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you, and know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.” I knew that my calling was to bring people to Jesus.

I totally lost my craving for cigarettes on the last day of the retreat – in fact, when I got home, I told myself, “Aiyah… just one last puff should be ok lah…” So, I lit up a cigarette, took a drag and coughed so hard that I thought I was going to cough my lungs out from my mouth! I knew immediately that I was totally free from this addiction! Praise God!

I received the gift of tongues during the healing session and now I am not shy to speak to others about Jesus and I have been actively reaching out to others, especially Catholics, to experience God from their hearts.

Post CER – living out my renewed life: I am now a disciple of Jesus! I am a new creation who seeks to share my faith and love for God. I seek to strengthen my bond with Him daily. I pray and read passages of the bible. I have dialogues with Him during my quiet time and I seek to discern His will for me. I am no longer shy to praise God.

I do not use swear words anymore, and I only have praise and worship songs in my car and iPod. In fact, I cannot go through a day without listening to praise and worship songs. I pray with my children every morning on the way to school – we even take turns to say our personal prayers out loud! I have also gone back to serve at my parish and give my time to serve others at the CSC too.

I am no longer bogged down by material needs and the rat race. After CER, I have learned that I must trust in God and that He will provide. And that’s what I did; I lifted all my problems and worries to the Lord. Let me give you an example … during one of my quiet times with the Lord, I told Him that I needed to find out more on how to be a disciple. He told me to go for a retreat. I told Him I couldn’t take leave as it was 2011 budget time. He found me a new job and suddenly I had the time to attend the Discipleship retreat conducted by Father Gino. God is good! In fact, God has blessed me many times over since CER and I am eternally grateful to Him!

So many good things have happened to me since CER, and it is with a grateful heart that I take this opportunity to praise and honour our Saviour God; it is with a grateful heart that I testify that our God is indeed an awesome God!

Praise the Lord! Amen!

Winston Teo
CER 19
Church of the Holy Spirit