Conversion Experience Retreat


A stay-in programme designed to help individuals, especially Catholics, revive their faith through a deep personal encounter with God. Many who have attended this retreat have testified powerfully, to the touch of God and have gone on to lead radically changed lives.

Upcoming CER:

CER #65: Apr 3 – 7 ; Ballot Mar 2

CER Dates for 2019
CER #66: Jul 31 – Aug 4 ; Ballot Jun 8
CER #67: Sep 4 – 8 ; Ballot Jul 13

Prayer for Conversion Experience Retreat

LOVING FATHER, we pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all participants at the Conversion Experience Retreat at CSC, that every heart be open to experience Your love personally in a powerful, life-changing way. May You bless everyone abundantly with all the graces they need for total conversion of heart. Lord, fill them with Your Spirit and love, and grant graces of forgiveness, reconciliation and healing in spirit, soul and body. May You transform every heart and mind to be renewed in Your Spirit.

O Holy Spirit, anoint and empower Msgr William Goh, and the ministering teams to be be Your effective instruments abounding in love, wisdom and discernment.

Lord, protect all Your people from the wickedness and snares of the devil, from harm and danger.

Holy Mary, our Blessed Mother, we ask for your powerful intercession for everyone at the retreat.

To You O Lord, we give glory and praise because of Your constant love and faithfulness. We make this prayer through Jesus, our Saviour and Redeemer. AMEN.