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Thank you for your interest in our range of CDs.  These CDs are available for sale at the CSC Media Kiosk during Friday Growth sessions and the monthly 4th Saturday Healing Service.  Our opening hours are: Friday Growth:  7.00pm – 7.45pm and 10pm – 10.30pm 4th Saturday:     5.30pm – 6.30pm and 10pm – 10.30pm We regret that we currently do not have the facility to provide mail delivery services.  Should you not be able to visit us at the regular opening hours, please email us your CD order at and we will make arrangements for your collection at a time convenient to you.  God bless.

Understanding and Praying the Psalms

By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 4 cds

If your soul is thirsting for the Lord, if you find yourself inadequate in expressing your prayers and heart to God, then come and learn how to pray the psalms that Jesus and His Church pray.

Talk 1: The Psalms as Biblical Prayers
The psalms are at the heart of the bible. A proper appreciation of the richness of the psalms as prayers requires the reader to have some understanding of the nature of psalms. This talk provides an overview of the origin, structure and types of psalms. By situating the historical meaning of the psalms we can then relate them to our immediate context.

Talk 2: The Spirituality Of The Psalmist
This talk enlightens us on the key theological ideas conveyed by the psalms, such as creation, salvation and the Messiah. Only by seeing the world, self and God through the eyes of the ancient Israelites, can we identify with them when we pray the psalms. Jesus himself, like all pious Jews, prayed the psalms and cited them in his teachings. The New Testament writers read the psalms not only as prayers but as witness to Jesus as the Messiah. Hence, it is important to examine the Christological content of the psalms as well.

Talk 3: Praying the Psalms in a Christian Way
The Christological thrust of the psalms, especially from the perspective of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, provides us the key to praying the psalms in a Christian way. Indeed, it is because of its Christic-dimension that the psalms used by the Jews could be seamlessly incorporated into the Christian liturgy. This explains why the psalms constitute the principal component of the official prayer of the Church, namely, the Divine Office or the Liturgy of the Hours. These psalms are prayed in Christ and with the Body of Christ, since these psalms are prayers of Christ.

Talk 4: The Principal Ways of Praying the Psalms
The final talk offers a variety of methods to pray, chant or sing the psalms meaningfully and prayerfully, so that one’s faith is edified and our hearts are raised to God. You will be taught how to read the psalms, pray the psalms with imagination, according to its key words, or according to the liturgy and spiritual writers. Consideration will also be given to the dilemma when praying the “cursing psalms.” In this way, one can become fully engaged in the psalms as expressions of both personal and liturgical Christian prayers.

Price: $20.00

Understanding Marian Apparitions

By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 4 cds

Talk 1: Are Prophetic Visions Possible?
The theology of private revelations, also termed as prophetic visions, is an important area in spiritual life as it exerts great influence in the life of the church and the individuals. However, there is always the danger of credulity and hence the majority of alleged apparitions have been repudiated by ecclesiastical authority. This first talk will consider the possibility of such private revelations and also the psychology of visions.

Talk 2: How Do We Know if a Vision is Authentic?
Most visions are imaginative, rather than corporeal in nature. How can one discern whether such visions are genuine? This talk gives some criteria for discerning such visions. It also gives an exposition on the psychological process of how such visions occur in the mind.

Talk 3: Judgement on Visions and Apparitions
That the Church permits the spread of some private revelations, eg. the revelation of the Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary Alacoque and Divine Mercy to St Faustina, means that these are authentic. What then are the criteria used by the Church to authenticate such visions and apparitions?

Talk 4: The Significance of Private Revelations for the Faith of the Church
Must Catholics accept all private revelations and visions that have been approved by the Church? What kind of faith or assent is required with respect to the authenticated visions? Most of all, do visions have doctrinal value for Church teachings, or are they merely aids to our spiritual life?

Price: $20.00

Understanding the Letters of St Paul

By Rev Msgr Eugene Vaz
Set of 3 cds

Talk 1:
a) The key to Pauline Theology

In order to understand and appreciate the message of St Paul in his various letters it is very important that we have the key to the understanding of St Paul’s Theology.
b) Paul’s Gospel
In his letters St Paul speaks of “the good news of Jesus Christ”. In general it designates Paul’s own personal presentation of the Christ-event. In this talk we try to pick out what is at the heart of the theology of St Paul and also examine his presentation of “the good news of Jesus Christ”.

Talk 2: God & His plan of Salvation History
Paul saw the gospel as part of a plan gratuitously conceived by God for a new form of human salvation to be revealed and realised in his Son. In this talk we see how Paul perceives and develops this plan of God. We also come to appreciate the role of Jesus Christ in this plan of salvation.

Talk 3: Effects of the Christ-Event and Our Spiritual Life for Today
When St Paul looked back at the moments of the earthly and risen life of Jesus Christ, he realised what Christ Jesus had accomplished for humanity and he spoke of the effects of that accomplishment. In this talk we go through the ten different images Paul uses to describe the effects of this accomplishment of Jesus Christ.

Price: $15.00

Universal Salvific Will of God

By Rev Fr William Goh
Set of 2 cds


Talk 1:    Are All Predestined to be Saved?

Does God want all to be saved, or are only some predestined to salvation and others predestined to perdition?  The fact of creation means that we are all graced by God to share in His love and life.  God is the Saviour of all human beings since He is the God of all.  His eternal Salvific Will for all is called predestination.  If God wants all to be saved, then it implies that His Redemptive Will must be able to reach out to all.  How can all be saved?

Talk 2:    Is There Salvation Outside the Church?

St Paul underscores that it is God’s Will that “all should find salvation and come to know the truth.” (1 Tim 2:4)  What about those who are ignorant of Christ, can they be saved outside the Church?  If they can be saved, how are they saved? Can they be saved through their own religions?  How does the grace of Christ reach out to those who are non-Christians?

Price: $10.00

Whom Should We Address Our Prayer To?

By Rev Fr William Goh

Price: $6.00

Why is Liturgy Important?

By Rev Fr Ignatius Yeo

Price: $6.00

Your Relationship with God Reflects the Depth of Your Commitment to Mission

By Rev Fr William Goh

Price: $6.00

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