Healing is a Process

By Rev Fr William Goh

Single CD

Sin affects not just the darkness of the intellect and the weakness of the will, but it also causes the emotions, the spirit and body of man to suffer injury. Hence, healing involves all the dimensions of the human person, intellect, will, emotions, spirit and the body. Consequently, when we seek healing, we need to restore equilibrium to all these aspects of the human person.  However, because of a lack of holistic lifestyle, habitual sins and addiction to vices, many of us are like the Parable of the Two Sons.  Whilst we desire to live a righteous life, we find ourselves falling back to our old way of life.  This is particularly frustrating, especially when one sincerely wants to live the new life of Christ in the Spirit., but his past keeps coming back to haunt him, hindering him from living a life of grace. This talk will help us to be patient with ourselves and with others who are apparently not answering the call to conversion.

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