Geraldine Tng

I attended CER 15 in Dec 2009. I was thirsting for God’s love and mercy. I had stayed away long enough and I came seeking spiritual and emotional healing. I realized that if we take a small step towards Jesus, He will rush forward to embrace us and to welcome us. At the CER, He overwhelmed me with His unconditional love and forgiveness. The heavy burden in my heart was lifted and He liberated me from my sins and transgressions. He welcomed me back with open arms and washed me clean!

After the CER, I told myself never to let God out of my sight again. No matter what happens, I am going to cling on to Him. To help deepen my prayer life, I signed up for the Prayer Experience Retreat (PER 2). Secretly, I was wondering what else God could do for me at the PER after He had done so much for me at the CER. He proved that I had under-estimated Him.

At the CER, He healed me spiritually and emotionally. At the PER, He had greater things in store for me. For the last ten years, I had been having problems with both my ears. I felt as if there was water trapped inside my ears that just would not come out. It was similar to having water trapped in the ears after a swim. So, whenever I talked, I could hear the echoes of my own voice in my head. I could also hear popping sounds in my ears. My condition would worsen each time I teared or yawned. As time passed, the problem got so bad that I could not hold a conversation without feeling disturbed by the sounds in my head. To make matters worse, I needed to talk a lot because I am a teacher. So the echoes of my own voice and popping sounds were a constant bother to me. I saw several GPs who could not explain what was wrong with me.

I then went to see an ENT specialist who prescribed medication but it did little to relieve me. In fact, my condition worsened. The second specialist I saw then told me that the Eustachian tubes in my ears were malfunctioning. He suggested embedding artificial tubes in my eardrums. The surgery cost more than $3,000, but to my utter disappointment, my condition did not improve. The echoes and popping sounds persisted.

A third specialist told me that the artificial tubes were not appropriate and might tear my eardrums and affect my hearing. She said that I had to undergo surgery again to remove the tubes. This time it would cost about $4,000. She also recommended inserting another type of tubes which were deemed more suitable and that would cost another $3,000. However, she cautioned that there was a danger that my eardrums could be torn in the process of removing and re-inserting the tubes and my hearing might be affected. I decided to take the risk and the surgery was fixed on 16 June.

Meanwhile, I had signed up to attend the PER in April. I did not specifically pray for healing of my ears at the PER. I thought the doctor would take care of them during the surgery. I was more focused on deepening my relationship with God through prayer. I told myself that I would not cry. Otherwise, my ears would be affected again.

However, at the PER, the love of God was so overwhelming that I found myself crying as usual. I was prepared to suffer the consequence of having a pool of water swelling in my ears. However, that night, when I was sharing my PER experience with my brother, I realized that I was talking normally, without the echoes and popping sounds in my head! God had performed a miracle on me! I had not been experiencing talking without being disturbed by my ears for such a long, long time! In my heart, I knew God had healed me.

However, as I had little faith, I told myself to ‘test this out’ for a month. For the whole month of May, the problem did not recur. My ears were perfect! I then attended the Discipleship Retreat at the beginning of June. There was more crying but my ears were still normal. I finally saw the ENT Specialist who performed another test on my ears. She certified that my ears are perfect! I need not undergo any more surgery!

Praise God! God loves me so much that he did not overlook any aspect of me that needed healing. At the CER, He healed me spiritually and emotionally. At the PER, He healed me physically. At the Discipleship Retreat, He reminded me that He has restored me and made me whole again in all aspects. I will strive to be a wholesome disciple of God. I am sure He will continue to work more miracles in my life. Praise God!

Geraldine Tng
CER 15 and PER 2