Angeli Nah

In November 2010, I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastro-intestinal cancer. This cancer is rare. My doctors told me that chemotherapy would not work, and I had six to eight months to live. I agreed to try out a research drug and leave everything else to God.

I was unaccustomed to Praise and Worship and feared resting in the Spirit. But I attended the Retreat with an open heart to receive God’s healing.

On the first day of CER 23, due to the medications I was taking, I felt very frail, was easily breathless, and could hardly walk up the stairs — my fellow retreatants can testify to this.

After sitting through the entire day’s programme on each of the first two nights, I was on the point of collapse. On the second night my sister and cousin, who had encouraged me to attend, suggested I went home.  But I chose to stay. Two buddies had prayed for me and I felt the Holy Spirit would give me the strength to carry on.

At the start of the healing session on the third day, I didn’t have my usual fear. Instead, I looked forward to receiving the Holy Spirit. And as soon as Fr William whispered to me “Jesus Loves You” I rested in the Spirit. I felt the right side of my body shaking from my head down to my foot.  (My tumour is on the right side.)

After the session, my palpitations and breathlessness stopped. And until the end of the Retreat, I could walk up and down the stairs effortlessly.

Two months after the Retreat, tests showed a reduction in the size of my tumour and cancer nodes in the liver.  I continued to attend the 4th Saturday Healing services.

But in May 2011, I collapsed during Sunday Mass and was admitted to hospital with internal bleeding.  My blood level was life-threatening and I had two blood transfusions. In the meantime, my CSC friends were storming the heavens with their prayers for me.

I was in hospital for 5 days while the doctors investigated the cause of my bleeding. The worst case scenario was that my tumour had ruptured and the cancer had spread. I underwent a gastroscopy and to the doctors’ surprise, they found nothing amiss. In fact, my tumour had shrunk!  Praise the Lord!

I truly believe that the improvements in my conditions came about from all the prayers that I had received. I realised that faith in God alone is not enough; it had to go with prayers. To deepen my prayer life, I attended the Prayer Experience Retreat in September 2011.

Fr William taught us the importance of prayer for growing in holiness. I learnt to sit still and listen to God during prayer.  We were told to write how we intended to deepen our prayer life.  I wrote that I would read and meditate on a Psalm each day, which I have been doing.

My faith has strengthened and I enjoy God’s presence when I pray. I no longer ponder miserably on my illness, and I’m not engulfed by anxieties. God’s peace has driven away all my fears. I have learnt to put my trust in Him.

It has been 15 months since my diagnosis. My condition is stable and my recovery is beyond anyone’s expectation.  Without God, I would not be here today.  He has not only healed me physically but also mentally and spiritually.  Our God is powerful and merciful.

I want to encourage all my brothers and sisters who are fellow cancer patients to continue to pray for God’s healing grace; for He says in Matthew 21:22  “WHATEVER YOU ASK FOR IN PRAYER WITH FAITH, YOU WILL RECEIVE.”

Trust in the Lord and don’t give up hope!  Praise the Lord!

Angeli Nah
CER 23