The CSC Community

Faith is best nurtured through community. The CSC community is A Community of Praying and Loving Disciples, Zealous in Mission.  We live out our faith by Caring for and Sharing Christ with each other and together, reach out to those who are world weary and spiritually lost.

CSC Members are thus firstly called to live a life of prayer. We believe that a healthy prayer life will manifest itself in love and good works. Indeed, prayer underpins everything that we do at CSC, for Jesus says, “My house will be a house of prayer”, Lk 19:46. Individuals who choose to serve at CSC are thus encouraged to strive for a life of holiness by committing to a regime of personal and community prayer and sacrifice.

Anyone desiring to be part of the CSC Community should thus have a heart for prayer, and a deep desire to grow in faith through community.

If you are looking to grow your faith with a community and are not already committed to another Church organization, we welcome you to journey with us in any one of the following Ministries:

  • Amplify (Youth Adults Ministry)
  • Healing Prayer Ministry
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Intercession Ministry
  • Kidz Ministry
  • Kitchen & Service Ministry
  • Liturgy Ministry
  • Media Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Operations Ministry

CSC Ministry Mission: A Praying and Loving Community of Disciples Zealous in Mission.  CSC members commit to the following:

Personal spirituality

  • An active prayer life including daily personal prayer time
  • Participation in weekday Masses (1-2 times a week, if daily Mass is not feasible)
  • Regular reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (monthly or at least once in two months, and before serving at CSC retreats)

Faith formation

  • Attended the Conversion Experience Retreat
  • Attend the Prayer Experience Retreat within 6-9 months of joining
  • Attend Friday Growth and 4th Saturday sessions

Community initiatives

  • Discipleship Fridays (1st Fridays), Discipleship Group meetings and fellowship                         
  • Community empowerment cum CER preparation sessions
  • Ministry on-site intercession support for retreats
  • CSC Community Retreat
  • CSC Family Day

To find out more about our Community, visit our Ministry pages, or talk to us at tel: 6288 7901/6858 2716